Unify Recommendations on "Wanna Cry" Ransomware

Belangrijke informatie met betrekking tot de "Windows Based Systems".

Dear Valued Partner,

I am writing to you as a provider of Unify technology regarding the ransomware cyber-attack “Wannacry” (named also “Wannadecrytor” or “WCRY” ), which continues its propagation and has impacted several thousands of systems across the world. The Unify and Atos teams have been fully mobilized for the last 72 hours and will continue until the end of this crisis.

While the attack is targeting Windows based systems, we wish to proactively advise all customers and partners with Unify products running on Microsoft Windows desktop or server operating systems, to carry out the recommended correction action and apply great diligence in assessing and patching their Windows landscape to address any potential vulnerabilities.

I am providing the URL to the page in the Unify Partner Portal where you can read the customer communication that is being sent to Unify-customers. Please use it as guidance in discussion with your customers that use Unify products. You do not need to click the link, just copy/paste it into your browser, or alternatively, login to your Partner Portal account and follow the link from the home page.


Together we can help safeguard our customers by providing this guidance and support.


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