SDHC card status

As of SW version V2R3, the current SDHC card status is displayed on the homepage of the OpenScape Business Assistant (WBM). Depending on the status green, yellow, red or gray, certain actions are recommended. These are described in the document "How to Handle SDHC Cards - Best Practice".

The document is available in the Unify Wiki under the following link:


Short description of the 3 states that can be displayed:

  • Green: the manufacturing date is less than 4 years ago and there are no read and write errors detected on the card. No action is needed.
  • Yellow: the manufacturing date is more then 4 years. Schedule a SDHC card replacement.
  • Red: states that read or write errors from or to the SDHC card have occurred. There is no coherence of status red with the manufacturing date. The SDHC card should be exchanged as soon as possible. The system should not be restarted anymore since there is a risk that due to the issues the system will not start anymore.

As of FixRelease V2R4.1 more detailed display of the SDHC card status and automatic status change notification are available:

  • The display of the SDHC card status previously available in OpenScape Business WBM has more detailed.
  • The SDHC card check will run automatically every night.
  • For Yellow status: Manufactoring date and file system creation date are used for this status.
  • A notification via SNMP and / or e-mail when the status of the SDHC card changes from green to yellow or from yellow to red can activated.

INFO: The status red is shown if more than 50 errors are found on the card. If by the next check fewer errors are found, the status can be reset, e.g. change to yellow.