OCPSA adapter for exchanging an UPSC-D/DR with a new OCPSM

As described (information can be found here) an existing UPSC-D/DR power supply can be exchanged with the new OCPSM power supply. 

In the attached documents you can find a complete step-by-step on how to replace an UPSC-D/DR for the OCPSM using the OCPSA.

References for existing OpenScape Business systems and OCPSM power supplies

  • The OCPSM can be used in existing OpenScape systems with the old backplane to replace the existing UPSC-D/DR power supply. The correct OCPSA adapter (Open Core Power Supply Adapter) is required. The OCPSA enables the connection between OCPSM power supply unit and CUC, CUCR, CUP, CUPR backplanes. ) and includes all components necessary to install the new OCPSM power supply on an existing backplane.
  • There is no requirement to replace the old backplane when replacing the UPSC-D/DR power supply with a OCPSM power supply.
  • If only the new OCPSM is replaced, but not the backplane, the fan kit doesn’t have to be replaced.
  • Restrictions:
    • The PowerBox connector is not available anymore on OCPSM power supplies.
    • The OCPSM power supply doesn’t provide ring voltage for SLA or SLAD cards and these cards have to be replaced with the SLAV version.
  • The PSU upgrade kit can be ordered and contain a power supply (OCPSM) and the adapter (OCPSA):
    • L30251-U600-A986 containing 1x C39165-A7021-D6 Kit for OSBiz X3R/X5R
    • L30251-U600-A987 containing 1x C39165-A7021-D7 Kit for OSBiz X3/X5