HFA Software for OpenScape Desk Phone CP400 and CP600 connected to OpenScape Business and OpenScape 4000

With immediate effect, the OpenScape Desk Phones CP400 and CP600 are released with CorNet IP /
HFA for connection to the OpenScape Business (from V2R3) and OpenScape 4000 (from V8R1).

The HFA Software for the device is available as download.

There’s no separate ordering number for a dedicated HFA-variant of the Desk Phone CP Family.
Each phone is being shipped with a pre-installed SIP-software which can be exchanged automatically to
the latest HFA-software during installation, either using the DLS, the Integrated Phone
Software Management (IPSM) of the OpenScape 4000 or the DLI of the OpenScape Business.

All information about the phones can be found on http://wiki.unify.com/wiki/OpenScape_Desk_Phone_CP The HFA administration and user documentation can be found on the Partner portal of Unify.

Please use the latest released software on the partner portal of Unify (currently V1 R1.9.0)


  • Migration from OpenScape Desk Phone CP SIP to OpenScape Desk Phone CP HFA
  1. Check that the OpenScape Desk Phone CP SIP Software is at least V1 R1.6.0, versions prior to this version can’t be flashed with CP HFA software
  2. Load the HFA software to the Phone (Manual via FTP or HTTPS or automatically via DLS, DLI or IPSM)
  3. Configuration is to be done as usual
  • The current OpenScape Business Software (V2R3.0) does not contain the current software for the CP400 and CP 600 phones, so please upgrade the software in the OSBiz DLI to the current released software.
  • When using the CP400 or CP600 with desk sharing on OpenScape Business, the WSI (e.g. for presence management) can not be used.
  • On the CP400 and CP600 a choice for Block dialing or digit by digit dialing can be made. The standard setting is block dialing. This means you have to confirm the dialed number.
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