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IP Surveillance

Video surveillance is an essential component of a comprehensive physical security solution for businesses of all types and sizes. But many surveillance systems suffer from limited connectivity, present significant deployment challenges, and lack the scalability to grow with your changing needs. With a complete line of Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) switches and secure network attached storage, NETGEAR helps businesses deploy IP video surveillance solutions that are flexible, scalable, and affordable. Learn More »



Voice over IP (VoIP) technology provides significant advantages over traditional phone service, including increased flexibility and mobility, reduced costs, and improved employee productivity. In recent years, VoIP’s voice quality and service reliability have also vastly improved, legitimizing it as a mainstream technology for businesses of all sizes. These benefits rely heavily on the capabilities of the network switch to prioritize traffic and maximize quality of service. NETGEAR switches provide the performance, resilience, and security you need for VoIP, without the cost and complexity of big IT. Learn More »



Server virtualization technology allows businesses of all sizes to reduce costs and optimize resources by enabling dramatic reductions in hardware procurement, power consumption, physical space and IT resources. But while server virtualization can help organizations accomplish more with less, it also places new demands on the network, with increasing need for a faster switching fabric, increasing reliance on network storage, and overall the need for a highly available, scalable infrastructure. NETGEAR offers a comprehensive portfolio of networking equipment to help you reap the business benefits of server virtualization, quickly and easily. Learn More »



Disk drives fail on a regular basis – it’s just part of life. Without a proper backup solution, a single disk failure can equate to catastrophic loss of your business-critical data, disrupting business continuity and putting your organization’s future in jeopardy. Your data is too valuable to leave to chance. To ensure it remains safe, you need enterprise-class backup and storage that protects your data regardless of what happens. NETGEAR storage systems allow for powerful, robust onsite/offsite data backup that’s cost-effective, reliable, and easy to use. Learn More »



Using the cloud to access their information has enabled businesses of all sizes to reap the benefits of anytime, anywhere access to their critical data. This helps reduce costs, simplify asset management and offers greater flexibility. Doing so with alternative third-party cloud storage services can result in high monthly fees, latency and reduced security. NETGEAR storage systems with cloud access deliver the flexibility of anytime, anywhere cloud-based data access with the security and management control of an on-premise data storage solution.
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