Reinstall the firmware on a router without the setup CD recovery tool


Reinstall the firmware on a router without the setup CD recovery tool


This article will guide you to do a firmware recovery in case of firmware failure, without the firmware recovery tool.

Note: The steps below show how to reload firmware onto a NETGEAR router that won't boot due to corrupt firmware.
The instructions assume a basic level of networking competence. Read through the instructions below. If you don't understand them, don't attempt this without contacting NETGEAR technical support.

This is especially helpful for newer NETGEAR routers that do not come with a setup CD that includes a firmware recovery tool. Most of the routers having the new “NETGEAR Genie” GUI do not come with a setup CD.


  • router not booting up properly
  • failed firmware update
  • blinking power LED
  • power LED is blinking/solid amber


  1. Download the latest firmware for the router, from . It may download as a .zip file, containing the firmware and some documentation. Unzip it.
  2. Download the TFTP client software “tftp2.exe
  3. To do these downloads, you may be able to access the internet by connecting the computer directly to the cable modem, or you may have to use another router or another internet connection.
  4. Connect the computer to the router and assign a static IP of the router's default range(192.168.1.x or 192.168.0.x) on the LAN connection.
  5. If you ping the router's IP you should be getting replies now.
  6. Now run the tftp2.exe file that was downloaded earlier.

  7. In the field “Server” enter the default IP of the router.
  8. In the field “Password” enter the default password of the router, we will not need any username.
  9. In the field “File” browse and locate the firmware file that was downloaded earlier.
  10. Turn the router off for 10 seconds and turn it back on.
  11. While the router is still in the boot process (ie. Power light is still 'amber') click on 'Upgrade' and wait for the process to be completed.
  12. Once the process is complete the power light will turn stable green and then the only thing required is to reconfigure the router from scratch.
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