Kan een OpenScape Personal Edition gelicentieerd worden op het MAC adres van een OpenScape Office?

In order to license OpenScape Desktop Client Personal edition (OSDC PE) the CLA of OpenScape Office MX can be used but with the recent release of the OSDC PE - Versions the integration and visibility changed.

Some hints:

  • Older OSDC PE – Licenses of version V3 integrated into a corresponding OSO MX license, were and still will be shown in the WBM (Web Based Management) of the OpenScape Office MX V3 without problems.


  • An up to date V7 can also be licensed to an OSO MX – MAC-ID  (License integration via CLS).
  • The generated license file for the OSDC PE V7 can still be integrated/installed via WBM of the OSO MX  (Usage of the CLA of the OSO MX).
         But this license will not be shown anymore in the WBM of the OSO MX!
  • For administration of this license the latest CLM (Customer License Manager, right now V1 R12.0.1) should be used.
         For registration and synchronization to the CLA of the OSO MX the following registration data must be used: username and password: 31994


  • Hint: If a grace period license of an OSDC PE V7 registered to the OSO MX was used before a restart of the OSDC PE V7 must be performed after the installation of a valid license to the CLA of the OSO MX.