OpenScape Office: Disk usage and maximum recording time

max. recording time 15 minutes

Call recording
Recording time > approx. 10 minutes - after that email forwarding is not possible anymore due to the file size (>10MB)

Partition size for faxes, voicemails and recorded calls

  • 10 GB on a 80 GB HDD
  • 20 GB on a 160 GB HDD or bigger

Export of this data is not possible right now
The time for keeping the following data can be adjusted: recorded calls, received sent faxes and emails.

Time for Contact Center and myAgent can be adjusted separately.

Recorded calls, emails, and faxes which have been kept longer then the adjusted time will be deleted as soon as system maintenance is started.

Standard time for keeping is 60 days, maximum is 365 days.

Maintenance: Clear Up Now
After clicking this button system maintenance is started immediately and all data will be deleted on this partition:
- messages,
- call information of the journal,
- all recorded calls and received/sent faxes and emails by myAgent.                      
- all protocol logs  
Which have exceeded the adjusted keeping time.

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