Uitfasering OpenScape Web Collaboration V1 (04-03-2013),

Met ingang van 4 maart 2013 is OSWC V1 End Of Sale, sinds 2012 is OSWV V7 al beschikbaar. Hieronder, en bijgevoegd, de inhoud van de Sales Circular January 11th, 2013

Product Phaseout OpenScape Web Collaboration V1

The phaseout of the product OpenScape Web Collaboration V1 for the direct and indirect channels in the sales region(s) worldwide has been started. All sales activities relating to new sales and expansions for OpenScape Web Collaboration V1 are to be ended according to the milestone dates published below. New service contracts should no longer be entered into and existing lease agreements and service contracts should not be extended after expiration. Successor Product/Solution

Successor Product/Solution

This phaseout has been triggered by the release of the successor product OpenScape Web Collaboration V7. The new features and changes can be found in the relevant Sales Information.

Order Stop for the Phaseout Product, End of Central Training

The order stop for OpenScape Web Collaboration V1 will take effect on 04 March 2013. At the same time, central training will end. End of Software Support The end of software support by development is planned for OpenScape Web Collaboration V1 for 31 December 2014. From this point on no more error correction will take place in OpenScape Web Collaboration V1, instead the customer must migrate/upgrade to OpenScape Web Collaboration V7.

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