Tijdschema in OScAR pro alarm server

Is het mogelijk om een alarm te sturen op basis van een tijdschema?

Ja, dat kan middels het Performance Package:

  • Timer control for user calls:
    Supports day and time-dependent user contact numbers (up
    to 8 periods can be defined per user), including central
    holiday table with editable holiday options per user
Dit biedt daarnaast nog het volgende:
  • Text message retrieval:
    Allows users of supported HiPath system telephones (optiset,
    optiPoint, Gigaset) to download and view the last 20 alarm
    and broadcast text messages (or E-Mails), complete with
    header data (status, date and time)
  • Log in/log off function for supported HiPath system
    telephones with user status display in Operator Tools. Users
    will not receive messages or calls through the OScAR-Pro
    system while logged off.
  • Composed (linked) announcements:
  • Allows pre-recorded announcement segments to be
    combined flexibly, as required (up to 16 segments per
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