Wat zijn de belangrijkste nieuwe zaken voor HiPath 3000 V9

New Features / changes to previous version

  1. Unified Communications solution OpenScape Office HX (chapter OpenScape Office HX)

    As of HiPath 3000 V9 the UCC solution OpenScape Office HX can be fully integrated into OpenScape Office HX, MX and LX networks. Features like “presence” are available on a network wide basis for all users, regardless of the deployed terminal technology (IP or TDM).

    The expanded OpenScape Office V3 feature set is now also available for OpenScape Office HX, which means, among other improvements, availability of:

    • -  CTI enhance myPortal for Mobile client

    • -  Integration into Microsoft Ribbon technology

    • -  Support of SLES 11 operating system

    • -  Support of new Internet Explored V9 and Firefox web browsers

  2. Security improvements
    - Hardened SIP stack

    - New password and authentication concept for SIP subscribers

  3. Other feature improvements

    • -  Improved call park handling with OptiClient Attendant

    • -  MW acoustic signaling for Gigaset DECT phones

  4. Serviceability Improvements (chapter 1.9.1 Serviceability and Administration)

- SSDP support

5. Availability of the HiPath 3000 administration SW tool “Manager E” as download from the SW Supply Server.

1.1.3 General notes / not supported features Changes as of HiPath 3000V9:

  • VCAPI and H.323 clients are no longer supported

  • The Gadget Server is no longer supported

  • CSTA Phase 2 is no longer supported

  • Networking protocol Cornet IP no longer supported Older changes:

  • As of HiPath 3000 V8 the Documentation DVD with user manuals is no longer delivered with HiPath 3000 systems. Instead this information is available as download via the Internet. Please refer to chapter 2.4 for further information

  • As of HiPath 3000 V7 the Optiset E telephones are no longer supported. Fault tickets relating to Optiset E phones connected to HiPath 3000 V7 and later versions will no longer be accepted.

  • DECT base station BS2 is no longer supported as of HiPath 3000V7. 

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