Changing extended SIP parameters for a SIP trunk connected to HiPath 3000.

When you need to change some extended SIP parameters for a SIP provider in an HG 1500 you need to follow a special scenario. This article describes the steps to be taken.

When you log on to an HG1500 card with the developer account you can see the extended SIP parameters for the SIP provider.


It is not possible to change this parameterson the fly. To change these parameters you will need to create a new profile with the adapted parameters.

Go to maintenance ==> appl. Diagnostics ==> developer settings ==>SIP Provider Profile ==> add


Select the predefined Profile for which you need to make changes.

Define a new name and enter a serial number (above 500)

In the next window you can change the extended parameter(s) you want to change eg: Outgoing call - Type of number (calling) to international.


When this is done your new profile is created and can be exported:

The export is a zip file which contains the new profile. This profile now needs to be imported.

This can be done via maintenace ==> Configuration ==> Configuration data ==> Load to Gateway ==> select file and load

When the file is loaded the configuartion needs to be activated. Do not activate al tables. Please check deselct all tables and then check only "loadable SIP Profiles" and activate the configuartion.


When this is done save the configuartion and restart the HG1500.

After the restart the new created SIP profile with changed parameters is available and can be used. The existing SIP provider needs to be deactivated and the set up can be performed via the new profile.





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