Openstage toestellen in optiPoint 500 modus laten werken op oudere telefoon systemen.

4.3 optiPoint Compatible Mode (V2R0)

Some older versions of HiPath 3000 will not identify OpenStage TDM phones correctly. To

overcome this restriction, OpenStage 10 T / 15 T / 30 T phones with firmware from V2R1 onwards

can be switched to an optiPoint500 compatible mode. In optiPoint mode, the phone

changes its Phone-ID to that of a corresponding optiPoint model, e. g. an OpenStage 10 T will

adopt the Phone-ID of an optiPoint500 Entry.


4.3.1 Switching Procedure for OpenStage 15 / 30

1. Press the menu button for at least 5 seconds.

2. The menu LED starts flashing and the phone mode selection menu is shown on the display.

The currently active phone mode is marked.

3. When pressing the up or down  key, the second, currently inactive, mode is shown.

4. Press the OK key to select the optiPoint mode.

5. Press the OK key again to confirm the selection and activate optiPoint mode.

6. After 5 seconds the phone performs a restart and comes up in the new operating mode.


4.3.2 Switching Procedure for OpenStage 10

The operating mode of an OpenStage 10 phone is changed via the 3 function keys.

1. Initially, all 3 LEDs of the function keys are off. Press the rightmost function key for at least

5 seconds.

2. The current active phone operating mode will be indicated by the LED on one of the other

two function keys. When OpenStage mode is active, the middle LED glows, whereas in

optiPoint mode, the leftmost LED glows.

OpenStage Mode:

optiPoint Mode:

3. To toggle between modes, press either the leftmost or the middle function key, depending

on which mode is active.

From OpenStage mode to optiPoint mode:

From optiPoint mode to OpenStage mode:

4. After a timeout of 2 seconds, the phone restarts and comes up in the new operating mode.



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