Release OpenStage 15 G

Let op initieel was er geen ondersteuning van OS15G in OSO wel in HiPath 3000:


January 7, 2013



SEN VA DE Circular No. 03/2013


OpenStage SIP V3 / OpenStage HFA V2 – Sales Information – Update – OpenStage 15 G SIP / OpenStage 15 G HFA  and further OpenStage SIP V3 R1 features                      

With this update of the sales information for OpenStage SIP V3 and for OpenStage HFA V2 the following changes are herewith announced.



New OpenStage IP Phone: OpenStage 15 G SIP / OpenStage 15 G HFA:


Effective January 07, 2013, the products OpenStage 15 G SIP and OpenStage 15 G HFA are released to the following sales regions for sale via direct and indirect sales channels in the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russian Federation, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom and United States.


OpenStage 15 G SIP is released for connection to OpenScape Voice V7 / V7 R1.


OpenStage 15 G HFA is released for connection to HiPath 4000 V5 / V6 and HiPath 3000 V9.


For further releases for OpenStage 15 G SIP / OpenStage 15 G HFA please refer to the OpenStage and Platform Release Notes.





List of new order numbers for OpenStage 15 G SIP and for OpenStage 15 G HFA:





OpenStage 15 G SIP (Eis-Blau)



OpenStage 15 G SIP (Lava)



OpenStage 15 G HFA (Eis-Blau)



OpenStage 15 G HFA (Lava)





New features for OpenStage SIP V3 R1:


With immediate effect the following software changes for OpenStage SIP V3 R1 will become available in all countries in which OpenStage SIP V3 is currently released.




  • Video Telephony for OpenStage 60/80 (released for connection to OpenScape Voice V7 R1, available for Asterisk) -With video call feature it is possible to make video calls with OpenStage 60/80 SIP devices. For this feature H.263 Codec is supported with resolution QCIF=176×144. Basic call features such as hold, retrieve, mute, un-mute, consult work within video call feature. Note: In the first step, there are only video calls from OpenStage to OpenStage phones released.



User Interface Enhancements


  • Active call log in the call journal and calls completed elsewhere (released for connection to OpenScape Voice V7 R1, available for Asterisk). Before this version, the phone is not able to detect if a call is completed elsewhere or not.  This feature allows users to make decision about logging or not logging calls that are completed elsewhere.


  • Congestion tone on phone (released for connection to OpenScape Voice V7 R1, available for Asterisk). If a connection is temporarily unreachable, you will hear a special information tone (short tone sequence).


  • Setting of ring tones (internal / external calls) (released for connection to OpenScape Voice V7 R1, available for Asterisk). This feature allows the phone User to specify the ringer audio to be heard for predefined types of special incoming calls (e.g. internal or external call, emergency call). Up till now only administrator could configure this.






OpenScape Voice dedicated Feature


  • Impact Levels - PSN (Public Sector Network) notification of connecting to a lower security zone(released for connection to OpenScape Voice V7 R1). The Public Sector Network (PSN) represents the communications network used by UK Government departments.



The following devices are affected:


OpenStage 15 (SIP) V3, OpenStage 15 G (SIP) V3, OpenStage 20 (SIP) V3, OpenStage 20E (SIP) V3, OpenStage 20 G (SIP) V3, OpenStage 40 (SIP) V3, OpenStage 40 G (SIP) V3, OpenStage 40 US (SIP) V3, OpenStage 40 US G (SIP) V3, OpenStage 60 (SIP) V3, OpenStage 60 G (SIP) V3, OpenStage 80 (SIP) V3, OpenStage 80 G (SIP) V3.





  • The OpenStage 5 (SIP) V3 is based on different software. The features described above are not available for OpenStage 5 (SIP) V3.
  • The OpenStage 80 (SIP) and OpenStage 80 G (SIP) phones are in phase-out. The order stop took place on 31st  May 2012.
  • The OpenStage 20E (SIP) V3 and OpenStage 20 G (SIP) V3 are in phase-out. The order stop will take place on 28th June 2013.



Additional information can be found in the Siemens Enterprise Business Area (SEBA) Portal:





sgd. Johann-Heinrich Schinke


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