Kan ik met een OpenStage WL3 een alarmoproep starten?

Ja, dit kan, lees hieronder de mogelijkheden:

- with OpenStage WL3 (comparable to the DECT device Gigaset M2)
The admin can set a telephone number on the push button of the WL3. If the user presses this button, then is this preconfigured number is dialed (very preliminary kind of alarm)

- with OpenStage WL3 Plus incl. WSG Server
The WL3 Plus has in addition to the alarm button at the top, also different other alarm options (comparable to the Gigaset M2 plus, e.g. man down alarm, no movement alarm etc.).
If the user presses the alarm button, the alarm is transferred via a dedicated IP interface over the WSG Server to the OSCAR server and is managed by this server if required. The WL3 Plus can also send the current Access Points (and the last Access Point) with the generation of the alarms to the OSCAR Server. The OSCAR can use this information to determinate the location of the WL3 plus in an alarm situation.
I would say, this is a more advance kind of alarm setting.

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