Energy saving on OpenStage phones.

To be able to reduce the energy demand of the OpenStage phones to a minimum, OpenStage now offers an energy saving mode, which switches off the display backlight (phone and Key Module, if attached) after a time out.


From V2R0 the backlight of OpenStage 40 Main Display and Key Module will be switched off after 90 seconds of inactivity. The readability of the Display also without backlight is assured by the used display technology (transflective). With OpenStage 60 and 80 this timer is configurable between 2 and 8 hours.


With the new hardware variant of OS60 (with a small led at the right site of the display, see picture) with V3 software installed the energy timer parameters can be configured between 1 minute and 8 hours. Standard 1 minute is used, which means you will get a black screen after 1 minute.


This parameter can be set/changed by the administrator and not the user himself.


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