End of Sale verklaring: geen relais meer op TLANI2 kaarten

Zie bijgevoegd Phase Out document en onderstaande tekst:


Analog trunk boards for HiPath 3000 and OpenScape Business are generally equipped today with relays, which in case of failure of the system set up a fix connection of up to two trunks to analog phones (ALUM).

Because of the high reliability of modern systems in conjunction with uninterruptible power supplies, this function is only rarely requested. The ALUM relays are therefore gradually removed from our analog trunk boards TLANI of HiPath 3000 and OpenScape Business.


The feature ALUM will be removed short-term from the board TLANI2 of OpenScape Business and HiPath 3000 (after sale of the stock). The TLANI2 can still be offered, it then provides two analog trunk ports without ALUM function.

Successor Product/Solution

For the time being the module TLANI4 remains unchanged available, it provides 4 analog trunk ports with 2 ALUM functions. If the ALUM function is required, a TLANI4 is thus to be ordered instead of TLANI2 from now.

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