Hint for migration of a HP3k V9 to OSBiz V1 with SLC / multi SLC

Please upgrade your OSBiz V1 to SW OSBiz V1 R2.2.0_324 before migrating.

  • After migration please make sure that the flag „Call waiting rejection on” is turned off for the S0 stations of the SLC boards.
    Otherwise you might run into problems if CMI handsets try to roam to base stations of another SLC. 


  • If in an SLC board is plugged into slot 18 of an OSBiz X8, migration can only be done with Manager E  higher V10 R2.3.0_351. Otherwise the SLC board will not come into service.

Until release of this solution with ManagerE (plandate: mid of March) the SLC in slot 18 must be unplugged, deleted, newly programmed, and plugged back in after migration after migration.
Beware: In this case all CMI handsets located on this SLC must be reregistered.

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