OpenScape Business V1 R3.1

Met ingang van heden is de OpenScape Business V1 R3.1 beschikbaar. Hierin zijn diverse nieuwe functionaliteiten toegevoegd en is er de mogelijkheid om de popup van de myPortal in een nieuwe indeling weer te geven.

Alle nieuwe zaken staan beschreven in de Sales information (bestand op Unify Partner Portal) paragraaf 1.3:

De belangrijkste punten:


    • Popups for UC suite in a new style For UC Suite pop-up windows are provided in the old classic style and the optional new style. The client user or the administrator can select between the classic or the new style in the users settings. Default = Classic Style.


  • Support of the feature codes * # @ SIP The following additional feature codes for SIP phones are supported:

    Call Pickup (*57) (from V1R3.0, see chapter 1.4.4)

    Reset services (# 0)
    Rejoin Hunt Group / Leave Hunt Group (Stop Hunt) (* 85 / # 85)
    Temporary Suppressing the display of the calling number (* 86 / # 86)
    Speed dialing (* 7nnnn)
    Door opener (*61)

  • Display of "Open Calls" in the Journal of the UC Smart / myPortal to go clients The Journal of the UC Smart / myPortal to go clients has been extended by an additional tab for "Open Calls".

  • Key programming via the myPortal Smart Client The key programming for the associated system telephone can be performed as of V1R3.1 also via the myPortal smart interface.

  • Integrated Power Management As of OpenScape Business V1R3.1 an integrated power management is provided.

  • Template settings via the UC Smart Assistant (WBM) Administrators can create templates for UC Smart Users.

  • Increasing the number of configurable agents with OpenScape Contact Center Business to 192 The maximum number of configurable agents with OpenScape Contact Center Business as of V1R3.1 has been increased to 192. Up to 64 agents (myAgent clients) can be logged in simultaneously. Each configured agent requires a myAgent license.

  • OpenScape Business TAPI 120 directly via the motherboard With the models X1/X3/X5/X8 up to 30 OpenScape Business TAPI 120 users can be connected directly via the mainboard (WSI Web Services Interface)

  • Customizable DynDNS domain set up Until now predefined DynDNS address of the company could be selected in the OpenScape Business Assistant.

  • CSTA support for Message Waiting Indication MWI for SIP terminals The CSTA protocol is extended by the MWI signaling for SIP Phones. For SIP terminals the activation / deactivation of the MW signal can be controlled via CSTA Certification of ASC voice recording solution EVOip

  • Access to customer and administrator documentation (.pdf) in all languages via the OpenScape Business Assistant Service Center (WBM) Via the OpenScape Business Assistant Service Center (WBM) customers have access to customer and administrator documentation in all available languages. The desired language is selected in the service center (documents). The documentation is offered in the selected language or in English, if the selection is not available.

  • Provision of OpenScape Business S software as OVA Image From 8/2014, the OpenScape Business S software via the software Supply Server SWS is additionally provided as .OVA Image. Using the .OVA Images are OpenScape Business S software installations in virtual environments easily and in short time possible.

  • New CMA module From 08/2014 for OSBiz V1 systems CMA S30807-Q6931-X1 modules are supplied. These are detected and supported from the OSBiz V1R3.1 software. The previous CMA modules S30807-Q6931-X can still be used in OSBiz systems. INFO: The new CMA module S30807-Q6931-X1 cannot be operated in the HP3k.

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