Remarks for Sip as ISDN

As of MR3 of OSBiz it is possible to configure SIP as ISDN. This means that the configuartion of SIP DID numbers is done just like we know from ISDN and the MSN translation table is not used anymore.

  • when using SIP as ISDN you can use variable CLIP, but on top of that the function key "Temporary MSN "can be used to make outgoing calls with CLIP of another DID number. Also the fields for "PABX number outgoing"are applicable.
  • In case you have multiple accounts for the same SIP provider, SIP as ISDN cannot be used and therefore only "use internal number/single entries" or "use internal number/range entry" must be used. The consequence is that you cannot use the function variable CLIP because it is NOT ALLOWED to change the routing parameter "call number type" of a SIP trunk to DID number anymore. It must stay on internal.
    • When using multiple accounts from the same SIP provider the first account should be entered via the wizard. The other accounts need to be added via expert mode.
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