New “Gateway” License packages for X1 and X3/X5/X8

At begin of November 2014, new cost-Gateway License Bundles for licensing of OpenScape Business X1/X3/X5 /X8 consisting of the base license plus Networking, 4 TDM user and 5x J-HPTV2 licenses are available.

OpenScape Business V1 X1 Gateway Base Package              L30250-U622-B629
OpenScape Business V1 X3/X5/X8 Gateway Base Package   L30250-U622-B628

De licenties zijn te vinden in de kitlist OpenScape Business Licenties in de webshop


The Gateway Lizenzbundels are optimized for use as a Voice Gateway. Additional licenses can be purchased / licensed:

  • S2M / SIP Trunk licenses to the public network
  • No other User,- User-oriented, - System or Evaluation licenses can be licensed.


For OpenScape business networks applies:

  • The network is implemented using the SIP-Q protocol
  • There is no central licensing support (network license file)
  • The central administration is supported
  • In the OpenScape Business systems a networking license is required, the systems with Gateway License Package a networking license is included in the bundle
  • There are all the other networking scenarios based on the SIPQ protocol also enabled
  • INFO: Please use for OpenScape Business networks the OpenScape business base licenses and networking license further on.

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