New FR2 is released with some nice new features.

The new FR2 has been released and besides some error corrections there are also some new features released:

  •  New maximum values for T38
    • Mainboard without DSP module: 3 simultaneous T.38 calls
    • OCCB1 (1 DSP): 6 simultaneous T.38 calls
    • OCCB3 (3 DSP): 12 simultaneous T.38 calls
    • UC Suite still supports up to 8 simultaneous T.38 calls
  • Smart VM: Voicemail to Email for non-UC users

The email forwarding is now possible if the user has a voicemail license, independent if it is a licensed UC Smart user or not.

  • QOS settings according to 1TR114
    • Added CS3-CS6 TOS values to all dropdown lists of QOS
  • Application Launcher enhancement
    • The popup of the application launcher indicates the direction of a call (incoming or outgoing).
    • This information is NOW available as an argument (e.g. values in/out) when opening an URL or Script.
  • Serviceability Enhancement:
    • Restart ITSP


    • Search call no/name in user license dialog


  • Unify Harmonization for myPortal Smart GUI: Skin “Smart Grey” only


  • myPortal to go (web edition) for HTML5 Mobile/Tablet

myPortal for Mobile/Tablet                                                                  myPortal to go                                        

  • Support for up to 15 CMI Base Stations on X3/X5 (SLU8N/NR)
    • A maximum of 15 base stations can be operated now on X3/X5 systems
    • 7 on the motherboard and another 8 on a SLU8N/NR board.
    • The max. number of connectable DECT phones remains unchanged at 32.
    • With a CMA module installed in addition up to 4 simultaneous calls per base station can be performed.
    • Only one SLU8N board can be used for the connection of additional base stations.
    • The UP0/E interfaces of the SLU8N board can be mixed with base stations or telephones.
  • SIP@Home: „anywhere“ Mobility
    • Be reachable via your Office Number on your preferred Client:
      • Use your wired SIP Phone @ Home
      • Use your mobile device in public areas
      • Via WLAN / LAN / Mobile Network (Voice Data requires permission from your Service Provider)
    • Direct voice connection (no VPN) supporting SIP
    • STUN Service provided by Service Providers
    • Expanding the integrated OpenScape Business Mobility Options to provide more flexibility for anywhere worker


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