Flexible user licensing in OpenScape Business.

At begin of November 2014 a new flexible license concept for all user licenses will be implemented. This new concept enables the
licensing TDM-, Mobility-, and Deskshare User by using IP user licenses.

Rules for the use of flexible user licensing:

  • The existing licensing structure stays. The existing license file in TDM, - Deskshare or Mobility User licenses will be granted priority in the license allocation by the OpenScape Business Assistant.
  • Only after assignment of all licenses of a type IP user licenses to license additional TDM, can - Deskshare or User Mobility can be

For better illustration, the display in the OpenScape Business Assistant (license management, local user licenses) from V1R3.x is changed:

  • The Deskshare - Mobility and TDM users unallocated / free user licenses of that type plus the licensable over IP User Licenses users are displayed.
  • The number of user licenses in sum remains unchanged.

Prerequisite to use the new flexible licensing concept is the V1R3.2 SW and a via CLS new generated license file which is loaded / activated in the OpenScape Business system.