BLF field in myAgent disappeared.

What to do if in myAgent the BLF field disappeared and cannot be brought in front anymore?

This can happen when you pull the BLF field completely down below the information bar. When this is done and myAgent is restarted the BLF field will not appear anymore.


Click in the Dial window in MyAgent.

Press three times <SHIFT><TAB>. You now have selected the BLF window that isn't visable any more.

Press <ARROW-UP> several times to scroll the window up again.





This can also be solved by deleting some entries in the registry.

Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\siemens\OpenScapeOffice and delete this field (right click on OpenScape Office and delete).  

Start myAgent again and the client will ask the user settings and IP address of the server again. Enter these data and the BLF field will be visible again, and cannot be pulled down completely again.  All BLF fields are still filled because this information is stored on the server.