Using the LDAP phonebook on OpenScape Business Attendant

OpenScape Businesss Installation with OCAB Board or OpenScape Business Server has the option to support LDAP via Open Directory server (ODS)

This can be used for the OpenScape Business Attendant with the following predefined settings:
IP Address                         = same as for Presence Server
LDAP Port                          = 389 (default)
LDAP Password               = 123456 as in OpenScape Business set as default. Can be modified in the registry :  HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\UnoSoft\OpenScape Business Attendant\Setup\LDAPPWD
user      = dc=web
Searchbase        = uid=ldap

In case on not existing LDAP Connector (UC Smart Installations), the Interface give the following response : “System does not support LDAP”.

In the Debugview of OpenScape Business the connection will be refused.
00000085 2:18:08 PM [4544] Uno ERR:  - M-FP10.00.258:25062: [10061] Connection refused
00000086 2:18:08 PM [4544] Uno ERR:  - M-FP10.00.258:Ldap Search


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