Samba share will not longer be available from FR1 on in OpenScape Business

With OpenScape Business release V1 R3.1.0 the ‘Samba Share’ has been removed. Below is a list of changes and alternatives resulting from this change:

    • < OSBiz ip-adress > \ backup\ as download source for backups is no longer available. Existing backups can still be used to restore a system and backups may still be stored on local system harddrive but cannot be downloaded to an external medium via SambaShare. Backup configuration must be changed immediately to an external drive in case direct access on the backup files is required (e.g. for automated backup of backups on an external medium).
    • < OSBiz ip-adress > \applications\ as download source for CommunicationsClients setup files is no longer available. Download links for individual user download can be displayed in OpenScape Business Service Center. A pop-up provides all available applications and can be shared with users (e.g. via copy and paste to an email).
      Note: AutoUpdate of UC Suite clients is not affected by this change.

    •  < OSBiz ip-adress > \documentation\ as download source for documentation files is no onger available. Documentation can be downloaded directly via Service Center.