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Secured Connectivity to Skype Connect

Skype has revolutionized internet communications by extending Skype into the global business community with Skype Connect.
With Skype Connect™ businesses can:

  • Make calls by taking advantage of Skype's low cost global calling rates to landline and mobile phones
  • Establish Skype Online Numbers in over 25 different countries, allowing local access via landlines and mobiles
  • Create Skype buttons so that Skype users can call businesses free of charge
  • Set up outbound Caller ID so that customers know who is calling

Skype Connect for TDM PBXs

Businesses with TDM PBXs or other existing TDM communications equipment can enjoy the cost savings and additional flexibility of Skype Connect without incurring expensive upgrades by utilizing an AudioCodes media gateway to integrate the two systems together.

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As demonstrated above, the TDM side of the media gateway interfaces directly into the TDM PBX using T1/E1 digital circuits or FXS/FXO analog circuits. The media gateway performs the conversion from SIP to legacy TDM protocols, passing inbound and outbound calls seamlessly to/from the business and Skype network.

In this configuration, the TDM PBX is configured with an additional trunk group and associated circuits, using call routing rules to determine whether outbound calls are routed via the PSTN or via Skype. Inbound calls from Skype can be routed in the same manner as inbound calls from the PSTN.

The SIP side of the gateway integrates with Skype Connect via the IP interface.

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In other cases, a drop-and-insert configuration may be better suited by positioning the media gateway between the PBX and PSTN. This configuration is especially useful in cases where the PBX has no free T1/E1 ports, cannot be expanded or would be prohibitively expensive to expand.

Drop-and-insert configurations use two T1/E1 ports on the gateway – one facing the network, while the other faces the TDM PBX. In this configuration, the media gateway transparently passes all calls that arrive from the PSTN-facing TDM ports directly through to the PBX and vice-versa. Incoming calls from the Skype network are routed to the PBX-facing T1/E1. Routing rules in the media gateway would redirect select outbound calls to the Skype network using dialed digit patterns or trunk access codes.

As mentioned previously, the SIP side of the gateway integrates with Skype Connect via the IP interface.

Skype Connect for IP-PBXs

Businesses with IP-PBXs or other existing IP communications systems can enjoy the cost savings and additional flexibility of Skype Connect without incurring the security risks associated with the Internet by utilizing an AudioCodes Enterprise Session Border Controller (E-SBC).

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As shown above, and E-SBC is used to provide the interface between Skype Connect and the IP-PBX. The E-SBC terminates the Skype Connect sessions from the WAN, applying security rules with access control lists (ACL) and packet filtering, using the Back-to-Back User Agent features to resolve SIP incompatibilities and finally passing calls to/from the business and Skype network.

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In this configuration, the media gateway interface to the PSTN and the Skype Connect interface are combined into one hybrid environment. This configuration reduces equipment costs and provides greater flexibility – allowing the same device to terminate both the TDM interfaces from the PSTN and the SIP interface from Skype Connect.


Secured Conectivity to Skype Connect - Benefits

  • Reduced costs for inbound access
  • Inexpensive international outbound calling
  • Avoids expensive upgrades to equipment
  • Maintains current working environment
  • Integrates with existing contact centers, IVR, messaging and other equipment
  • Allows Skype callers to utilize the same communications tools as PSTN callers

AudioCodes Interoperability Overview

The following AudioCodes media gateways are certified with Skype Connect and a wide range of TDM PBXs:

  • Mediant 800 Media Gateway and MSBR
  • Mediant 1000 Media Gateway and MSBR


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