AudioCodes' MobilityPLUS Solution for Microsoft Unified Communications (UC) provides “Anywhere Voice over IP (VoIP) Access” directed towards Enterprise customers. The solution connects directly with the company’s Office Communications Server 2007 R2 or Lync Server 2010 UC systems from Microsoft, allowing mobile business employees to communicate with their colleagues seamlessly from their Smartphone devices by initiating VoIP calls. This ultimately saves on the daily communications cost and streamlines the mobile collaboration for the enterprise employees, all by the utilization of Wi-Fi and cellular data services.

Intuitive VoIP Mobility Solution for Microsoft UC

Enterprise employees can take advantage of their Smartphone devices and collaborate with their co-workers when 'on the go'. By leveraging the enterprise existing Microsoft UC systems, AudioCodes MobilityPLUS Solution enables enterprise employees with high quality VoIP connectivity to their colleagues while retaining Microsoft UC features such as real-time presence information, and instant messaging (IM) capabilities, all from an intuitive mobile client.

AudioCodes MobilityPLUS Solution Components

MobillityPLUS Client

The AudioCodes MobillityPLUS Client uses standard Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), featuring cost-effective VoIP calls integrated with the Microsoft UC system. Making and receiving VoIP calls using the MobillityPLUS client updates the mobile user presence. The MobillityPLUS client utilizes the phone's address book contacts, allowing mobile users to conveniently use their stored information via their phones' standard interface. The MobillityPLUS client is available for various Smartphone operating systems, including Google Android, Apple iOS, and Nokia Symbian.

MobilityPLUS Server

The AudioCodes MobilityPLUS server takes care of Mobile clients SIP registration requests and is responsible to propagate them accordingly to Microsoft OCS /Lync servers over SIP. The AudioCodes MobilityPLUS server also publishes the user presence to Microsoft OCS /Lync servers which then aggregates the present status of the Mobile users with all the other clients. The AudioCodes MobilityPLUS server can be offered as an appliance, running on the Open Solutions Network (OSN) server integrated in AudioCodes Mediant 1000, or alternatively, as a standalone server, running on Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 (64-bit edition) operating system.

To allow remote and secured connectivity for "road warriors", when using their mobile devices, the AudioCodes MobilityPLUS Solution is deployed with AudioCodes Enterprise Session Border Controller (E-SBC) technology. AudioCodes' E-SBC provides a secured voice network deployment based on a Back-to-Back User Agent (B2BUA) implementation, taking care of Network Address Translation (NAT) traversal problems for mobile devices which are trying to access the enterprise' Local Area Network (LAN) from public and un-secured network topologies.

The AudioCodes MobilityPLUS Server includes a client management service, which enables efficient distribution, provisioning and management of MobillityPLUS clients. The MobilityPLUS Server manages the distribution of software versions for mobile clients over the air, using links sent as SMS or Email via the system. Following the client installation, the client is automatically configured with the required properties, easing the management process. With its comprehensive provision functionalities, IT managers are able to control the permitted networks which the client can use (WiFi only, 3G only or both), numbering manipulation, the period of time the client is valid and more.


  • Enables seamless enterprise mobile VoIP connectivity, utilizing Microsoft Office Communications Server / Lync Server
  • Mobile to Mobile/Phone/PC client VoIP calls
  • Extend 'road warriors' collaboration, allowing mobile VoIP communication with additional PBX features from Mobile devices
  • Reduces daily mobile communication costs
  • Offers secured VoIP connectivity, protecting the mobile user privacy and the enterprise security policy integrity
  • Single number with enterprise's DID for outgoing VoIP calls made from Mobile clients
  • Simultaneous ring on both desktop and mobile extensions for incoming calls
  • Suitable for all enterprise sizes, allowing scalability from hundreds to thousands of users
  • Provides Mobile VoIP access to roaming subscribers
  • Simplifying the solution administration with comprehensive mobile client management and automatic configuration
  • Based on a certified Microsoft protocol interface
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