Audiocodes IP-PBX - Market Requirements


Enterprises planning to upgrade their traditional PBX to IP-PBX are facing several major challenges:

  • Which components are needed to complete the Enterprise VoIP deployment in a cost-effective way?
  • How to implement open network architecture in order to reduce the Enterprise dependency on the IP-PBX vendor and enable a flexible and a scalable solution?
  • How to connect to the emerging SIP Trunking services available today?
  • How to ensure interoperability between the IP-PBX, the VoIP peripherals, the legacy PBX and end-points, and the Service Provider’s network?
  • How to connect into the PSTN and continue the service when the IP-PBX or the connection to the IP Service Provider is down?
  • How to bring the best voice quality to the enterprise end users?
  • What kind of security is needed for voice and data coming from the IP Service Provider network?

IP-PBX - AudioCodes Solution

AudioCodes suite of Media Gateways and High Definition IP Phones are now providing the flexibility to integrate the IP-PBX with different components from various suitable sources based on industry standards, while improving the voice quality and reducing the network complexity.

The AudioCodes 300 Series of HD VoIP-enabled IP Phones offers a new dimension of voice call quality and clarity for the Enterprise business users. HD VoIP wideband technology doubles the traditional narrowband voice signal bandwidth. It offers the caller “true voice” natural conversation and establishes a sense of physical presence. The 300HD series is widely interoperable with leading IP-PBXs and can seamlessly integrate into SIP-based, off-the-shelf enterprise Unified communications solutions.

The 300HD IP Phones can be combined with AudioCodes MobilityPLUS solution to enable a continuous access of end-users to high quality VoIP calling, wherever they are. MobilityPLUS solution lets employees take advantage of their Smartphone devices by installing a MobilityPLUS client on the Smartphones and configuring them as VoIP extensions of the IP-PBX.

There are multiple ways of implementing the IP-PBX with the AudioCodes Media Gateways. Here are two typical deployments:

In the first example - shown in the diagram below – each component of the Enterprise telephony network is implemented separately on a dedicated hardware platform. The IP-PBX software is installed on a dedicated, off-the-shelf server. The Mediant 1000 VoIP Media Gateway is used to connect the legacy telephone and PBX systems to the IP network, with seamless connection of the IP-PBX to the PSTN. Alternatively, the AudioCodes E-SBCs can be used to connect the IP-PBX system to  SIP Trunks. The Mediant 1000 is fully interoperable with multiple vendor TDM PBXs, IP-PBXs, PSTN legacy services and SIP Trunking services, and application servers. In smaller branches without an IP-PBX, the Enterprise can use the MediaPack Series of Analog VoIP gateways to connect legacy telephones, fax machines and PBX systems to the new IP-based network. Both the Mediant 1000 and the MediaPack series provide Stand-Alone Survivability (SAS) to enable internal and external (via PSTN) communications between SIP clients in the case of disconnection from the IP-PBX.

The second example shows how the Enterprise can leverage the Mediant 1000 MSBR (Multi-Service Business Router)  as an "All-in-one" box, significantly reducing its CapEx and simplifying maintenance and management. The Mediant 1000 MSBR is based on AudioCodes' VoIPerfect Media Gateway technology combined with Enterprise class Session Border Controller, Data and Voice security elements, Data Routing, LAN switching and WAN access. The Mediant 1000 MSBR has a built-in Open Solutions Network (OSN) Server module that can host a variety of 3rd party applications, including the IP-PBX itself to eliminate the need for a dedicated IP-PBX hardware platform. Additionally, at the company headquarters the Mediant 1000 MSBR can provide secured SIP Trunking to the Service Provider.

Benefits of using AudioCodes products in an Enterprise IP-PBX environment

  • Widely interoperable with leading IP-PBXs and legacy PBXs
  • Employing AudioCodes HD VoIPerfect technology for outstanding voice quality, enabling natural conversation with a sense of physical presence
  • Secured data and VoIP SIP Trunking by an Enterprise-class SBC and Firewall
  • PSTN fallback for emergency or network/power failure
  • Stand Alone Survivability (SAS) for service continuity
  • Connectivity of the Enterprise's existing legacy PBX, phones and fax machines to the IP network
  • Scalable "pay-as-you-grow" modular architecture
  • Internal OSN Server as a cost-effective platform for hosting the IP-PBX
  • "All-in-one" MSBR box for reducing CapEx and OpEx costs
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