Avaya Aura™ Messaging with Audiocodes Media Gateways

Bron: http://www.audiocodes.com/avaya-aura-messaging

Avaya Aura™ Messaging is Avaya’s next generation solution for unified messaging that combines new and existing technology and expertise with industry standards to flexibly integrate within the Avaya Aura™ architecture in Linux based server environments. It offers a rich set of end-user features to enhance productivity and the required flexibility, resilience, and scale to fit into demanding enterprise environments. The result is a cost effective and flexible approach to maximize your current and future messaging system investments, while bringing new application value and functionality to your organization.

Aura Messaging for Legacy PBXs


AudioCodes Mediant Media Gateways allow Avaya Aura Messaging to integrate with a wide variety of legacy TDM and IP PBXs (for a complete list of PBX integrations, click on the download tab)

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