BE CAREFUL when adding SW Support Renewal within the Central License Server (CLS)

How to license OpenScape Business SW Support Renewal within the Central License Server (CLS)


Activation of “OpenScape Business SW Support Renewal licenses” may only be done after activation of SW support within the base license package!
This applies also for “SW Support Renewal licenses” which were ordered together with a new OpenScape Business System. If you activate both licenses together the 'free' 3 years will NOT be actived!

The following steps for activation must be executed at the license server:

  1. Generate the license file for the new OpenScape Business system.
  2. Wait until License Server displays the expiring date for the Software Support license for this system.(see screenshot below) This is the 'free' 3 years period!
  3. Activate the additional SW Support Renewal license to extend the purchased period. 

If by mistake the Renewal license was activated together with the base-license, an e-mail must be sent to the CLS customer servicedesk kindly explaining the issue. 

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