OpenScape Business BLF Server elimination

In order to reduce service complexity BLF server will be cancelled. For OSBiz Attendant and OSBiz BLF in OSBiz networks there is no need for a BLF server anymore. Starting with OpenScape Business Attendant SW V2.1.1 the functionality of the network-wide Busy and Presence signaling is provided by OpenScape Business itself (starting with OSBiz SW V2 R1.0).
This results in the following scenarios for OSBiz Attendant and OSBiz BLF:

  • a single system with / without UC Smart
  • ​a single system with / without UC Suite
  • networked systems with UC Smart
  • No longer supported in UC Suite networks (myAttendant required)

Note:  The previous limitation to a maximum of 10 nodes in a network is no longer valid.
Already installed BLF servers in UC Smart networks can be taken out of service after upgrading OSBiz to SW version V2 R1.0 and Business Attendant/BLF to SW V2 R1.1.
In existing UC Suite networks where the BLF server must remain the software versions V2 R0.2 of OSBiz Attendant and the BLF server must be used starting with OSBiz SW V2 R1.0.

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