Licensing via Pay as you Go

The Pay as you Go licensing model is an additional licensing model for the OSBiz systems. The Pay as you Go principle can be used for embedded or server variants placed in a data center as well as on premise. 

In the attached document you can find a lot of information about the usage and activation of Pay as you Go. It is a very interesting document for sales, pre-sales as well as technicians,

However we want to give you some extra inputs concerning Pay as you Go:

  • Minimum 5 Voice users will be calculated every month even when they are not activated. This means as soon as the base license is activated 5 users will be charged every month even if they are not used (see sales information).
    • If a system with Pay as you Go licenses will not be used anymore it is not enough to deactivate all licenses. A ticket should be created on the Customer service desk to deactivate the base license, otherwise you will still receive an invoice every month.
  • Do not forget to deactivate the system licenses (myReports, CC Fax, CC E-mail, Open Directory Connector). They are charged when not deactivated.
    • Network license is free of charge for a Pay as you Go model
    • Company Auto Attendant license is free of charge for a Pay as you Go model
  • Software support is also included in the Pay as you Go model, so it does not need to be extended after 3 years.
  • Gate view and OpenScape Business Attendant are not available for the Pay as you Go model. If you need to use one of those licenses the normal licensing model should be used. A mix of Pay as you Go and fixed licenses on one system is not possible.
  • For sales people there is also a very interesting calculation tool that can be used. It is also described in the attached presentation. The tool can be downloaded via the Unify Partner Portal.