Multiple M695 PKM's on 6900 IP phones with MiVoice Business

Describes how M695 PKM's (programmable key modules) operate on a 6920, 6930 or 6940 phone connected to MiVoice Business 9.0. This is useful when deciding how many PKM's should be connected.
NOTE 1: The 3 layer/page keys are not supported on earlier MiVB software. See SO2791! 
NOTE 2: This guide is for MiNet only. The M695 PKMs operate differently when running SIP firmware.
MiVoice Business 9.0 SP2
6900 series MiNet phones with PKMs


  • A single M695 has 28 programmable keys and 3 layer/page keys below the screen.
  • Up to three M695 PKM's can be daisy-chained to the right of a MiVoice 6920, 6930 or 6940 IP phone.
  • The MiVoice Business currently supports a maximum of 84 additional programmable keys per phone, irrespective of the number of M695 PKM's.
  • The key layout is determined by the number of M695 PKM's connected to a phone.

Key Configuration

When one or more M695 PKMs are discovered, the auxiliary module is automatically set to "PKM M695" in webadmin. To configure the PKM keys before the phone is connected, set this manually (see below). Refer to online help for more details on configuring the auxiliary module.

In the "Keys" tab under User and Devices, the PKM configuration is divided into 3 groups of keys. PKM M695-1 (first 28 keys), PKM M695-2 (second 28 keys) and PKM M695-3 (last 28 keys). 
Refer to the key layouts section below to show where the configured keys will be displayed.

Key Layouts

The key layouts below show the placement of keys from sections PKM M695-1, PKM M695-2 and PKM M695-3 when configured in the "Keys" tab under User and Devices. The layout is not configurable and is only affected by the number of connected PKMs. If the user needs access to all 84 programmable keys then its recommended to connect either 1 PKM or 3 PKMs to avoid any confusion.


Key layout with 1x M695

  • All pages can be used.
  • Every page can display 28 keys but only one page can be displayed at a time.
  1st PKM
Page 1 PKM M695-1
Page 2 PKM M695-2
Page 3 PKM M695-3


Key layout with 2x M695

  • This configuration is only recommended when the user needs instant access to 56 keys (i.e. PKM M695-3 not used).
  1st PKM 2nd PKM
Page 1 PKM M695-1 PKM M695-2
Page 2 ----------------- PKM M695-3
Page 3 ----------------- -----------------


Key layout with 3x M695

  • Only the first page on each PKM is used.
  • User can view and operate all 84 keys at once.
  1st PKM 2nd PKM 3rd PKM
Page 1 PKM M695-1 PKM M695-2 PKM M695-3
Page 2 ----------------- ----------------- -----------------
Page 3 ----------------- ----------------- -----------------
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