MBG 11.0 - SIP Trunks one way audio with non-LAN network profile

An MBG site with a local SBC using either the MBG LAN or Third interface to connect to the provider will find the RTP override option in trunk programming fails to override the RTP IP
MBG 11
Local SBC for SIP trunks
Software error
  • Download the patch .rpm file from this article.
  • Copy to the MBG server
  • Connect with filezilla or winscp with root credentials and drop the file onto the root folder, or place on FTP server and pull the file to the MBG server.
  • Access command line, and from the directory where you have saved the file, run this command:
  • rpm -Uvh mitel-msl-tug-1.19.180-01el7hanv.x86_64.rpm
  • When complete, stop/start MBG service. (No need to reboot)
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