Administrator mailbox 9999 is lost when upgrading or migrating to MiVB

After an upgrade or migration to MiVB software, the Administrator mailbox (9999) is not present. All other mailboxes are restored.
The type *.dr.logfile command does not account for the Embedded voicemail database. The only way to know is to search for mailbox 9999 in the Vm Mailboxes form.
A subsequent database backup and restore will not resolve this problem. As well restoring a pre MiVB 9.1 database will also observe this problem.

This is only a problem on the MXE3, CX2 and AX platforms. This is not an issue with Virtual deployments.
This issue is being tracked by defect MIVB-22179, and the issue can only be corrected by the Mitel technical support team.

Should you encounter this problem, when you open the ticket, refer to the problem and defect number in your notes, provide a copy of the site database.
Ask that your ticket route to Tier 3 support upon ticket creation.

This problem is fixed with software, where your standard upgrade or migration will not exhibit this issue. To gain access to this software you will need to open a ticket as well, again referring to defect MIVB-22179. This software does not correct the missing 9999 mailbox, it will only prevent the problem from occurring during the upgrade or migration process.

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