2 nieuwe licenties voor OpenScape Business beschikbaar

Vanaf 1 augustus zijn er voor OpenScape Business V3, 2 nieuwe licenties beschikbaar:

  • Cordless IP V2 Integrator License for OpenScape Business
    The Cordless IP V2 Integrator license can now also be ordered via the OpenScape Business ordering structure. This license is managed in the OpenScape Business System.                     

Ordering position: L30250-U622-B743.                                                                                                 

This license can be used in combination with the DECT Manager licenses for OpenScape business and support the possibility of roaming between several DECT managers as wel as centralised configuration of the different managers via one interface. The integrator software needs to be installed on a separate server (Virtual machine)                                                                                      mceclip2.png


  • Web Collaboration Meeting Room License for OpenScape Business
    The Web Collaboration Meeting Room license can now also be ordered via the OpenScape Business order structure.                                                                                                                         

Ordering position: L30250-U622-B738
A maximum of one meeting room license for 100 participants can be ordered. Simple expansion by ordering additional licenses per room.
The Web Collaboration Connector license additionally required for connecting OpenScape Business to the Web Collaboration system is always part of the OpenScape Business basic license package. It must not be ordered separately.                                                                                                           

OpenScape Web Collaboration is a scalable and secure multimedia web conferencing solution. It improves collaboration within your company and with your business partners. With integrated features such as desktop/file sharing, whiteboard and video conferencing, project or sales meetings, training and product presentations, for example, can be held without costly business trips.
OpenScape Web Collaboration integrates seamlessly into the OpenScape Business interface. It can be started context-related from:
* Application-controlled conferences,
* System conferences over the telephone
* 2-party conversations via pop-up windows


Those 2 new licenses are available on top on the already earlier announced licenses:

  • CSTA license: L30250 U622 B741
  • OSBiz V3 HW Migration License: L30250 U622 B739 
  • OSBiz V3 SW Upgrade License: L30250 U622 B740 


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